Each year, ID works with over 100 artists to lead the many activities that form our programme of classes, workshops, events, discussions, research projects and festivals. To see a list of artists ID has worked with over the years, please go here. To read more about how ID works with artists, go here.


ID has a staff team of five part-timers, all of whom sustain freelance practices as makers, teachers, dramaturgs and/or producers alongside their work with the organisation. The team also work with freelancers who bring specialist knowledge to temporary roles, including An Endless Supply who support our website.

Renée Bellamy
Programme Coordinator (0.8)

Nathaniel Parchment
Co-Director (0.6)

Nikki Tomlinson
Co-Director (0.8)

Cheniece Warner
Digital Communications Assistant (0.4)

Henrietta Hale

Heni Hale
Lead Tutor: MA Creative Practice: Dance Professional


ID’s Trustees, who make up the Board, are responsible for the safe and legal operations of the organisation. Major decisions on policy development, finance and employment 
are discussed and agreed at Board level. The Trustees approve the management
accounts at meetings on a quarterly basis and the audited accounts annually.
Trustees support the Co-Directors to fulfil the organisation’s charitable remit
and keep it on track as a legal and financial entity, and one which is publicly
funded by Arts Council England. And they advocate for the organisation. As such
they support the longterm development of the organisation through strategic
input and advice, and are a valuable and vital sounding-board.

This is a volunteer role with a maximum term of six years. In recent years
ID has developed its Board significantly, and this ongoing process of change is
critical to the organisation’s development. We see it as essential that the Board
itself reflects for example the diverse demographic of London, essential that
it includes artists and essential that it reflects a broad range of lived
experience, skills and expertise.

We are always open to hearing from people who would like to be considered
when openings to become a Trustee are available or would like to understand more about what it means to be a Trustee with ID. Please feel welcome to get in touch.

Mita Pujara

Iris Yi Po Chan

Kimberley Harvey

Kimberley Harvey

Sara Reed

Sara Reed

Fernanda Muñoz-Newsome

Fernanda Muñoz-Newsome

Nicky Childs

Nicky Childs

CJ Mitchell


ID also works with volunteer Artist-Ambassadors; this is a reciprocal arrangement where artists have free access to classes at ID and in exchange support the organisation through occasional involvement in events, and in feeding back thoughts and experiences of the programme. At times they also propose programme content. Our current Artist-Ambassadors are Sumi Xiaoméi Cheng, June Yuen TingYma de Almeida, Claud ToniettoRosalie Wahlfrid, Teresa Skamletz, Mira Hirtz, Jay Yule, Colleen Bartley, Clare Brzezecki, Rachel Gomme, Christopher Matthews, Julie Havelund-Willett, Alison Thomas, Steph Townsend.

Former Co-Directors

ID’s former directors are Gill Clarke (1954-2011), Fiona MillwardKirsty Alexander, Gitta Wigro and Heni Hale.

Gill Clarke

Fiona Millward

Kirsty Alexander

Gitta Wigro