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3-PHASE; a winter lab with Rosemary Lee, Simonetta Alessandri, Yumino Seki

Image: Yumino Seki, photo Jim Roseveare

A three-day intensive lab offered as a held space for restorative practices, listening to our bodies’ needs and feeling the support of the collective. Each day is led by a different artist specialising in movement forms that transform and re-enliven the ways we bring attention to ourselves, others and environment.

Day One is with Rosemary Lee and focuses on replenishment. In uncertain, unsettled times it feels important to give time for finding a sense of settlement in ourselves, without judgement.  We will explore connections and pathways of flow and ease through the body, reaffirming ourselves as creatures of potential and expressivity.  It will centre around finding ways of feeling at home in our bodies whilst at the same time reenergising ourselves, rediscovering and expanding our range of qualities. The day will be shaped so there is space and time to move more or less, as you wish, and time will be given for sharing and chatting with each other. Rosemary’s teaching is informed by her experience of various somatic practices, and her experience of working with hundreds of people of all ages over the last thirty years.

Day Two is with Simonetta Alessandri. With the Feldenkrais Method directing our attention to internal sensations, without judgment, we observe how we move. Opened to potentiality, curious about new possibilities, we identify habits and clarify choices to promote efficiency, freedom and a sense of ease that involve our whole self. This specific way of cultivating awareness will affect our capacity to be present and it will nourish the journey from inside out, from solo into group. We will find a felt sense of self that aims to be related to the others and to the environment, to be experienced and reinforced. It is this relationship with something that is bigger than we are, that constantly reframes and redefines the solo experience. The shared experience of being part of a group, the trust that this generates, reinforces our commitment to the excitement of potential changes in the configuration and constellation of the emerging group composition. While moving as an ensemble, we witness and observe the ongoing balance between individual proposals and group choices.

The final day, Day Three, is led by Yumino Seki. Shifting our attention from action to active listening, the day will start with un-doing. We explore and reflect the inner landscape where the body becomes mere ‘being’.  Not moving but being moved.  Guided by sensory feedback a new dialogue between the internal and external world of gravity will emerge. We will follow the details and depth of the body’s visceral expressions – darkness & light, rhythm & stillness, and progression & regression through experiential anatomy drawn from somatic practice and Butoh’s perspective, such as the concept of time & space and the exploration of the ‘shadowy self’. We will work individually and collectively using touch, breath & voice, imagery and improvisation. Reflecting on the present, the distant past and the future, the day will create an end of year gathering encompassing our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body to nourish, restore, nurture and prepare for the next cycle.

Note from ID : In the interests of safety, we are encouraging everyone to take a Covid-19 lateral flow test before coming to the building to attend class.