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A Gathering

THE BAND THAT DANCES here featuring Maisie Sadgrove, Florence Blackmore, Bun Kobayashi, Izzy Ripley, Natifah White and Jay Gash at East London Dance

Halfway through the festival, A Gathering takes us across Siobhan Davies Studios with talks, installations, performances and movement sessions over a day and night, with offerings from more than 20 artists. Threads weaving through the day include ritual, collectivity, belonging, support, and joy.

Join us for a relaxed and convivial day of meeting, talking, resting, eating, drinking, watching and dancing. Come gather!

1pm – 1.30pm Laughter yoga with Flora Wellesley Wesley

1.45 – 3pm Chaired by Nic Conibere, a conversation with Brian Lobel, Denise Rowe and Rebecca Swift about how belonging is generated through collective action

3.10pm – 3.40pm Movement session led by Denise Rowe

4pm – 4.45pm A ‘watch party’ of streamed performance created live, remotely, by five improvisers in five countries. Designed by Mary Pearson with Carolina van Eps, pavleheidler, Michael Kaddu, Elvan Tekkin, George Maund

5pm – 5.30pm Post-watch-party conversation facilitated by Ava Riby-Williams and Aleasha Chaunte

5.45pm – 6.30pm A longtable discussion hosted by some of ID’s artist-ambassadors Mira Hirtz, Alisa Oleva, Teresa Skamletz and Rosalie Wahlfrid; how do artists survive and help each other in these hard times?

6.30pm – 8.30pm Vegetarian dinner, drinks and more chances to check out the durational offerings

3.30pm – 7.30pm (durational, pop in and out) Chris Matthews and Dr Sarah Sigal want to talk queer dance history with you in Pillow Talk. Unfortunately Arabella Stanger is no longer able to be part of this event.

3pm – 8.30pm (pop-up) A collective comprising Adam Moore, Abby Nocon, Erin Robinsong, Sophie Seita and Florence Uniacke share winter readings and rituals

8.30pm – 8.50pm an improvised solo performance by Flora Wellesley Wesley

9pm – 10pm THE BAND THAT DANCES (the band formerly known as The Yonis) perform tracks from their album HEADLINER and lead the dancing