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Artistry & Access Lab : curated by Annie Hanauer and Susanna Recchia

A collage of 6 images featuring artists part of the Artistry & Access Lab. Description clockwise spiral from top left: Susanna Recchia stands in a forest landscape looking upward. | Anna Seymour kneels behind Markéta Stránská, laying on the floor. Anna’s hands are above Markéta’s body, palms upward. | Kate Marsh wears a black top that reads “the future is accessible”. Kate’s arms are raised and in front of Kate’s face. | Annie Hanauer dances in a forest, arms swaying to the left if the image. | Chris Pavia and Laura Jones dancing together in front of a group of 8 people. Chris leans forward, Laura leans backward in her wheelchair. | Claire Cunningham stands leaning forward and using crutches. Claire is surrounded by teacups. Claire is balancing on one teacup extending with the other leg. | Alexandrina Hemsley lays on an image of blue crystals, wrapped up in blue tulle. Alexandrina’s left arm is visible.
Clockwise spiral from top left: Susanna Recchia in stills from the film “Colei che attende”, filmmaker Scotty Hardwig | Anna Seymour and Markéta Stránská, photo Annette Etges | Kate Marsh photo, Pat Mic | Annie Hanauer, photo Camilla Greenwell | Chris Pavia & Laura Jones, Stopgap Dance Company | Guide Gods by Claire Cunningham, photo Colin Mearns | Alexandrina Hemsley

The Artistry & Access Lab is a week dedicated to artistic exchange and exploration, with access at its heart, curated by Annie Hanauer and Susanna Recchia. In their words:

“The Lab sprang from a desire to feed our community – to create space for artists to breathe, meet and exchange by moving together.  We hope that spending time together engaging deeply with different artistic proposals, without a product at the end, will provide a rich experience for everyone involved.

We have invited an incredible line-up of artists to lead sessions throughout the week whose work we find unique, deep-rooted, and exciting. They each bring their artistic perspective and practice, approaching accessibility in their own way. You will find details of the week laid out below: each day has been programmed around a common theme, and we will be present all week as your hosts and co-facilitators.

This is an opportunity for anyone interested in accessible artistic methods in dance to have an encounter with some of the d/Deaf, disabled, and neurodivergent artists whose work we admire. They include Alexandrina Hemsley, Claire Cunningham, Maiya Leeke, Anna Seymour, Laura Jones and Chris Pavia, with Kate Marsh documenting the week through writing and leading a talk.

The Artistry and Access Lab week is aimed at artists with significant dance experience, which can be self-defined, or an in-depth engagement with movement practice. We welcome artists of all backgrounds and particularly encourage D/deaf, disabled & neurodivergent artists to join us. 50% of available places are reserved for those identifying as D/deaf disabled or neurodivergent. Two places are reserved each day for artists who cannot attend the entire week but want to join us. If you require a support worker to attend the lab, they can attend free of charge.

We look forward to welcoming you!”

Prices for the whole lab are £125 full price, £75 low-income. Day tickets are £20 each and are limited in number, meant for those who cannot attend the full week.

The Artistry and Access lab is part of dance it, dance it, dance it, dance it, Independent Dance’s year-long programme conceived by Heni Hale and Nikki Tomlinson which aims to foreground disabled, neurodivergent and d/Deaf artists as leaders and widen the dissemination of inclusive dance practices. Partner organisations on different strands of the programme include Candoco Dance Company, Sadler’s Wells, The Work Room, Dance Umbrella and Team London Bridge.  This programme is supported through public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England and with subsidized space at Siobhan Davies Studios.