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Audio Dancing: Nunhead Cemetery with Jose Funnell

Audio Dancing - Nunhead Cemetery. Gaby Agis, Jose Funnell, Aoife P. Knight. Photo Derek Linzey

This project is a series of audio scores composed by dance artist Gaby Agis and recorded in green spaces in London.

Nunhead Cemetery (30mins)
South London, 13 May 2022
Gaby Agis accompanied by Jose Funnell, interdisciplinary artist, performer and activist based in London.

This audio score was recorded in Nunhead Cemetery, one the Magnificent Seven cemeteries established in London by the Victorians, and now a largely untended space abundant with nature. The session begins with an invitation to explore vigorous moving with a sense of elongation supported by the surrounding tall trees. After a short period on the ground, the score shifts into an exploration of the pelvis and the relationship and the power of the sit bones. The final dance is one of lingering, folding and enveloping, which then gives rise to an internal imagined landscape.

There is then an invitation for participants to continue with moving, writing, drawing and exploring their creative practice.

Interview between Gaby Agis and Jose Funnell (30mins)
Jose reflects on their experience of the score, bring into the conversation their practice and teaching of yoga. Jose has a deep and intimate relationship with Nunhead Cemetery which greatly supported them during the COVID-19 pandemic. They also reflect on the role and support dance provides them in their activist work.

Audio Dancing is an Independent Dance commission produced by Gaby Agis in partnership with Independent Dance and supported through public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.