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Audio Dancing: Brandon Estate with Helen Rowsell and Mickel Smithen

Audio Dancing - Brandon Estate. Helen Rowsell and Mickel Smithen. Photo Derek Linzey

Audio Dancing is a series of audio scores composed by dance artist Gaby Agis and recorded in green spaces in London.

Brandon Estate (30 mins)
Kennington, 22 August 2022
Accompanied by Helen Rowsell and Mickel Smithen, Brighton-based dancers.

This audio score was recorded on a blustery, late-summer day on the Brandon Estate. The dancing took place on the estate grounds close to the Henry Moore sculpture (Reclining Figure No. 3), surrounded by six large tower blocks. The score begins with travelling while encouraging an opening, widening and lengthening. This is followed by a dance of the skull, then the torso, then the pelvis. The roundness of these three forms gives to a dance. Playing with sounds made from the sculpture gives rise to a dance of reverberation.

Participants are then invited to continue moving, writing, drawing and exploring their creative practice.

Interview between Gaby Agis and Helen Rowsell and Mickel Smithen (30 mins)
Gaby and Helen reflect on their long history with the area. This leads to a discussion about the importance of dancing outside, the effects of the pandemic, the use of touch and Mickel’s experiences as a visually impaired dancer.