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Audio Dancing: Green Dale Fields with Heni Hale

Audio Dancing - Green Dale Fields. Gaby Agis, Heni Hale, Iarla P. Knight. Photo Derek Linzey

Audio Dancing is a series of audio scores composed by dance artist Gaby Agis and recorded in green spaces in London.

Green Dale Fields (35 mins)
Dog Kennel Hill, 8 July 2022
Accompanied by Heni Hale, Co-Director of Independent Dance and fellow member of Dog Kennel Hill Project with Rachel Lopez de la Nieta and Ben Ash.

This audio score was recorded mid-summer in a densely wooded area of Green Dale Fields, a community-run green site. The score begins with a spiralling dance with the momentum of the arms around the torso leading into an expansive state. The landscape of trees evokes a rustling dance leading to the breath and an invitation to visit the deep squat. This is followed by a vigorous dance with the tail, which finishes with a checklist encouraging spaciousness in our alignment.

Participants are then invited to continue moving, writing, drawing and exploring their creative practice.

Interview between Gaby Agis and Heni Hale (30 mins)
Heni reflects on her experience with the score and how Green Dale Fields supported her dancing through the pandemic. She talks about the environment as a source of inspiration and how a cosmic state might arise.

Audio Dancing is an Independent Dance commission, produced by Gaby Agis in partnership with Independent Dance and supported through public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.