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Audio Dancing: Thames with Florence Uniacke

Audio Dancing - Thames. Iarla P Knight, Gaby Agis, Florence Uniacke. Photo Derek Linzey

Audio Dancing is a series of audio scores composed by dance artist Gaby Agis and recorded in green spaces in London.

Banks of River Thames (32 mins)
Westminster, 12 September 2022
Accompanied by Florence Uniacke, a dancer and poet living in London.

This audio score was recorded at low tide of the River Thames on a sandy beach below Victoria Tower Gardens South close to the Houses of Parliament. The score starts with the connection between the feet and the ground and an invitation to imprint. Gradually other surfaces of the body explore imprinting into whatever surfaces are available. This is followed by an invitation to lengthen into travelling with a sense of tipping and spiralling. The lapping of the river gives rise to dances that ebb and flow. Then a gradual distillation of movement finds a surface—a wall, a door, a tree—to return to imprinting.

Participants are then invited to continue moving, writing, drawing and exploring their creative practice.

Interview between Gaby Agis and Florence Uniacke (22 mins)
Florence reflects on the experience of dancing on the banks of the Thames while surrounded by iconic London buildings, structures and institutions. We discuss sharp contrast between the timelessness of the Thames and the dense urban environment. This recording takes place a few days after the Queen’s passing, and Westminster was in full preparation for her Lying-in-State. Florence also speaks about her process of writing poetry and its close relationship to dancing.