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Creative Articulations Process : a workshop with Vida Midgelow & Jane Bacon

Image description: a landscape collage, featuring 3 portrait orientated images. From left to right: 1. a soft focussed black and white image of someone from behind overlaid with a wave-like texture and then end of some handwritten text, the word "art" visible. 2. A colour photograph of a person sat on the floor writing on a large piece of paper. Other pieces of paper surround them. 3. In a light coloured room, a person reaches towards the top left corner of the image wearing a white hooded top and red trousers.
Photos: choreographiclab

Creative Articulations Process (CAP), devised by Vida Midgelow and Jane Bacon, is a body-based creative process that invites you to delve deep into your interests and questions whilst exploring new ways to approach and communicate them, giving time and space for you to develop your creative skills in attention, moving and writing.

This workshop is open to all ability levels, even if you have no experience of working with the body but are curious; you may also be an experienced dancer, performance maker, somatic practitioner, artist/researcher, teacher or someone with a spiritual or psychological background, interested in working creatively with and from the body. We invite you to ask what your moving and dancing/being is doing in the world for you and/or for others.

The “facets” (or steps) of CAP cycle and repeat:

Situating: (what I know today about) what brings me here, where I am…
Opening: giving space and time to what is…
Delving: (I wonder) what interests me …
Raising: working to render what I have and/or what I do…
Anatomizing: working to expand/broaden/trial/clarify what calls to me today
Situating: (what I know today about) what comes next…

(and so on…)

This workshop will take place across two weekends, and you can attend both, or just the first one.

20 & 21 January  Part 1: Creative Articulations Process, an Introduction
(Can be attended as a stand-alone foundation)

We will introduce the practice, principles and facets of the Creative Articulations Process. The workshop will offer a place and time to hone attentional awareness of experience and enhance your capacities of creativity and articulation. Shifting between moving/being and writing/graphing, we will explore felt sense, somatic and languaging processes to enhance capacities to be fluent in and about our moving and felt experience of ‘human’ being.

3 & 4 February  Part 2: Creative Articulations Process, a Deepening

This second weekend will entail delving further into the multifaceted and rhizomatic forms of CAP in relation to your own practice. It might be that surprising new materials, ideas or questions emerge. It might be that you simply allow yourself to come closer to yourself just as you are. The process is iterative and cyclical, bringing to consciousness and into creative being/mattering, that which may have been obscured/hidden.The process will enable you to become more articulate in your current practice and enquiries as well as providing space for you to face and work with stuckness that manifests in your life/research/creativity.