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Discovering Somatic Sensations in Bharatnatyam: a workshop with Stella Subbiah & Heni Hale

The Vedic god Yama, the god of death and guardian of the south, from V&A Collection

A workshop exploring connections and overlaps between Stella Subbiah’s Bharatnatyam dance/performance practices and Heni Hale’s somatic trainings.

This is an opportunity to experience two differing approaches that develop movement and technical performance skills, paying attention to emotional processing, imagination, multiplicity of meaning, and commitment to being present.

The day will include movement investigation using imagery drawing from experiential anatomy and mover/witness practices, followed by a study of some Bharatnatyam forms. Creative tasks will draw from an image proposed by Stella of Yama, god of death and justice, who carries souls of the world on a buffalo, and from the music of Gustav Holst and his chamber opera Sāvitri.The aim is to offer a reflective and discursive opportunity to discover how the two approaches intersect.

This free workshop is intended for teaching artists with both, none or plentiful experience of Bharatnatyam or somatic approaches. It forms part of Teachers’ Rehab ’22, a programme curated by Beatrice Ghezzi and Orley Quick of BOTH Dance Classes which is intended for experienced teaching artists aged 30+.

For more about the programme and how to get involved, please visit BOTH Dance here