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Workshop with Nita Little: Meeting Ourselves Along the Way

Nita Little, photo Fabio Flecha
Nita Little, photo Fabio Flecha

We are thrilled to welcome pioneering artist Nita Little to lead this workshop online from Seattle, with live music by Miles Wilder.

Through movement scores for dance improvisation, contact improvisation, experiential investigation, somatic exercises and in-depth personal inquiry, the intention of this workshop is to cultivate those actions of being that support the bodymind in its relations with the world. We gain new tools of physical attention.

This work starts at home, with ourselves, where decisions are made that implicate how we dance and how we live. The platform from which most of our actions emerge in dance, as in our life, is the meeting ground of our conscious and our subconscious mindbody. By awakening this relationship, the very edge of knowing appears, and we can begin to form a generous, caring, and deeply informing alliance.

Encouraging our subconscious to move us before our conscious awareness can act, allows us to engage in far more complex relationships with one another and our worlds. We gain capacity for surprise, richer interactions with our environments, precision that opens possibility, and we begin to sense the full breadth of our invisible wings. Live music will be provided by Miles Wilder.

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