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Meeting Places Lab : dance, health, imagination

A lab with dance artists Filipa Pereira-Stubbs, Cai Tomos and Miranda Tufnell sharing and exploring their work in dance and health and how they bridge with the worlds of hospitals, community and primary care. With extensive combined experience in navigating the changing landscape of medicine, ecology and society, they have developed profound understandings of the breadth and width of time and listening/ attention required to create, attend to and deliver this work through many challenges; with this lab they will chart the practices, principles and challenges of bringing the poetics of dance and the body into these settings. This life-affirming work is based on co-creation and underpinned by qualities of presence, empathy, intention and imagination.

Human mycelial networks draw on creativity, metaphor, imagination, curiosity and compassion – all essential tools in dance work. Through breath, sound, touch, play, story and improvisation we will share and explore the many issues that underlie working in health contexts. As practitioners, how do we meet our own and another’s vulnerability? How do we look after ourselves and prevent burnout when others’ needs feel overwhelming?

Saturday 3 December : 12 – 6pm
Sunday 4 December : 10am – 5pm
Monday 5 December : 10am – 5pm

This lab offers time and space to explore how we listen creatively to what another’s body is telling us, and how we can calibrate our responses in support of the images and stories that unfold, to awaken a ‘medicine’ from within.  Each day will include extended practical sessions along with a sharing of stories from practice and discussion in small and larger groups. You can read more about each session below.

We imagine that some healthcare professionals will be most interested in joining Sunday afternoon and Monday sessions, in which case there is a separate ticket option that allows for this and for those with more limited availability.

A ticket for this lab includes entry to the talk with Lucinda Jarrett, Filipa Pereira-Stubbs, Cai Tomos and Miranda Tufnell on the evening of 4 December.

Our stories, myths and fairy tales are a kind of poetic code similar to our genetic code – and the body a spirit beacon as much as a chemical formula. – Seamus Heaney