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Monday Night Improv : Adriana Pegorer

Adriana Pegorer, photo Gigi Giannella

As with all our Monday Night classes, this session is improvisation-based and open to everyone – no prior experience in improvisation or dance is necessary.

This class will draw on Adriana Pegorer’s ongoing interest in the embryological development of the heart: how it presents itself as a long tube at around 2 weeks old and by innate twists becomes a precious, complex, pulsating knot.

Using this as an image, spiralling entanglements become a source for playful movements within our bodies and our dances. This work can particularly help release stiffness in the upper torso and shoulder girdle. Social dancers who use an embrace may find it also enriches their potential for connection and accuracy.

Adriana continues to dive into this experiential material because it provides ample scope for improvisational joy and innovation.

Please bring a scarf to use as a tool in the class.