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Monday Night Improv : Adriana Pegorer

Two dancers in dresses are captured moving in close contact. Their keens are bent with their arms stretched away from them with one woman holding the others wrist. The image taken from above with a dark background and wooden floor.
Adriana Pegorer and Caroline Waters at Conway Hall, photo Grace Gelder

In this class we will explore elements of Contact Tango, a fusion of Contact Improvisation and Tango Argentino. No previous experience in either form is necessary. 

We will start by warming up our bodies with solo exercises, connecting arms and legs to our own centre, using the floor or benches, or the wall. Duet work will follow to share our axis creatively with a partner in dynamic embraces and footwork. We will explore offering and receiving microscopic shifts of weight, inspired by classical and contemporary tango music.  

How can this act of shared balancing inform the partnership at all times? 

“There is a third entity that arises… hopefully you get to the state of agreement between the two of you that neither of you is leading – it doesn’t become leaderless, it is the two of you who are together leading” Steve Paxton (2013) 


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