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Monday Night Improv : Bisola Bello

This class offers an opportunity to engage with Bisola Bello’s teaching method ‘Root Meter’  which is based on her experience in improvisation, contemporary and African dance forms over the past ten years. Specifically, Bisola’s teaching method flows from an inquiry into the somatic aspects of the Yoruba dance from Nigeria, Cuba and Brazil, which features vibration, undulation, contraction, and flow.

‘We will use an improvisational approach to guide us through the engagement process of the Yoruba dance. Focusing on the spine and sternum to explore meters, using breath to flow and exploring qualities of flow, undulation and vibration through space and working with traditional Afro and House music to stimulate polyrhythms. ‘

Yoruba is an ethnic group from West Africa, mainly in Yorubaland in Nigeria, Beinni and Togo and the diaspora in Cuba, Brazil and other parts in the south and north America as well as the UK..

In the practice of RootMeter, we tap into the 7 chakras which modes and correspond to the directives of the Orisha (Yoruba deities); that assist us in the spiritual awaking of mind and body to develop in West African movement.