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Monday Night Improv : Bun Kobayashi

A monster with the head of an owl, grotesque teeth, front legs of a wolf, and a crocodile tail.
Amon, from the 1863 edition of Collin de Plancy's Dictionnaire infernal

In this open improvisation class we will find inspiration for movement from the idea of monsters, demons, and supernatural beings. Indulging in a deep dive into our imagination, we will shape-shift in and out of fantastical bodies, between claws, tails and wings. There are monsters that inspire fear, monsters that are mischievous – what monster-ness will we discover together? What intentions do we hold and how does our gaze change? How does your monster move, how does it express its physical form in space?

Drawing on imagery we conjure ourselves and in collaboration with each other, we will refine our monstrous dancing to arrive at ways of grounding our mind, confidently inhabiting our bodies and feeling powerful in our dancing. We will explore movement as a marker of our strength and potency, what we are capable of and what we wish to be capable of.

All are welcome, no prior experience necessary.



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