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Monday Night Improv : Cai Tomos

Cai Tomos, Debajo Del Sombrero

We begin with the proposition that dancing can be ‘released’ from within us. Like a moving sculpture emerging from stone, form arrives moment by moment by honing in on what’s appearing within us.

Our senses guide us towards spontaneous dancing as we tune in to how we are receiving ourselves and our environment. Our body-mind system is in continuous oscillation, rising and falling energy, broad and focused attention. We can follow these oscillations as they move through us. We may be making visible, the traces of our listening. Hopefully as we refine our attention and curiosity, our imaginations also are then free to guide us towards uninhibited and joyous dancing.

The class is open to all those who are curious to learn and follow their own enquiry, with some gentle guidance. We start where we are, and work with what’s there. Whether that’s a great appetite for moving, or a desire to work small and in stillness. There is something about attending to pleasure, in a simple and ordinary way, and how I’m receiving that through the senses.  Woven into the class is the invitation to be with listening in all its manifestations. I will offer time with other arts forms such as writing and drawing alongside moving as a tool for reflection and integration.


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