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Monday Night Improv : Claire Loussouarn

Claire Loussouarn, With mugwort in Hackney Marshes, October 2021, Photo Dominique Rivoal

This is an outdoor class which takes place in the nearby park. Please come to the Studios to gather so we can head over to the park together. The studio will remain booked in case of rain.

We will move outdoors in the park and relax our idea of a clearly bounded body and how it should move opening ourselves to what surrounds us without agenda or planning. You will be guided to let your body become a vessel to receive and listen what you are noticing without labelling as if it was the first time so you can enter in dialogue with the environment and its non-human inhabitants.

Where does our inner world start? Where does it end? We will practice softening our boundaries and opening to what lay beyond them allowing ourselves to expand and therefore allowing our bodies to become blurred and fuzzy. We will swim in the potency in these murky waters, experiencing being a passenger in our own bodies, trusting the unknown and its wisdom.


Cancellations & refunds
Prices for classes are kept very low and are subsidized by ID in order to support artists to attend. To keep adminmanageable for our small team, we don’t offer refunds if you cancel or can’t attend a class, and we can’t transfer your booking to a different class/event. We hope this is understandable. If a class is cancelled or changed by ID however, we do offer refunds/transfers to everyone who has booked.