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Monday Night Improv : Claire Loussouarn

Claire Loussouarn, photo Dominique Rivoal

We will move outdoors and invite our bodies to become aware of the aliveness of the more-than-human world around us. You will be guided to let your body become a vessel to receive and listen what is surrounding you without labelling, as if it was the first time, so that the space and its non-human inhabitants can speak through you.

Where does our inner world start? Where does it end? We will practice softening our boundaries and opening to what lay beyond them allowing ourselves to expand and therefore allowing the boundaries to become blurred and fuzzy. We will swim in the potency in these murky waters, experiencing being a passenger in our own bodies, trusting the unknown and its wisdom.

This class will be held outdoors in parks around Siobhan Davies Studios. Please bring appropriate shoes and layers. We will meet at the studios before walking out together. The studio will be available to keep your belongings in, and will be used in case of wet weather.