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Monday Night Improv : Colleen Bartley

Colleen Bartley, tree dance (2019)

On this Summer Solstice-eve, we’ll dance in the studio and outside!

Part 1: Orientation
We will arrive in the studio taking time to land in bodytime, tuning our senses and diving into our inner landscapes, registering where we are in our bodies and the space.

Part 2: Dis-Orientation
We’ll  venture out of the studio on a sensory walk to nearby West Square Park, noticing the changes in the environment and landscape and becoming aware of new sensory information.

Part 3: Re-Orientation
Once on the soft earth, uneven ground, we’ll re-orientate and move in response to the new conditions. We’ll work with solo scores and respond to what moves us, gradually opening up to the collective dance improvising with the elements and each other and in relationship to the ground, sky and space.

Influences: Tuning Scores, How Life Moves, Body and Earth, Sherwood Chen’s teachings, Miranda Tufnell, Experiential Anatomy, The Underscore, Embryology, Simon Whitehead’s Locator

This class will be held outdoors in sites close to Siobhan Davies Studios. Please bring appropriate shoes and layers. We will meet at the studios before walking out together. The studio will be available to keep your belongings in, and will be used in case of wet weather.