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Monday Night Improv : Colleen Bartley

Inspiration for this class comes from the moon, which on 27 September is waning Gibbous. After taking time to arrive and feel what is present in our bodies, we’ll wake up our senses and work with tuning in and noticing our internal movement then open to the external surroundings. The class begins with a rest to allow the body to yield and for movement to arise from a still place and deep listening. The movement material arises from who is in class, we respond to what emerges in the moment.

We’ll focus on breath and consider the lungs, arms, hands and nerve pathways. The class atmosphere is a laboratory for movement research, sourcing material from the collective influenced by each individual’s interests. I aim to be inclusive to all abilities and instruction will be tailored to who is in class. There will be space for witnessing composition and learning from each other’s explorations.