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Monday Night Improv : Flora Wellesley Wesley

Flora is leading a laughter yoga session at Siobhan Davies Studios with participants in the background. She is wearing a white shirt and chequered trousers. Her arms are raised to her side like tree branches and her head is turned to the side. She is laughing.
Flora Wellesley Wesley leading a Laughter Yoga session at ID's Gathering event at International Festival of Learning (2022). Photo, Cheniece Warner

Flora finds improvising a great way of doing something with her sense of self and facilitates in the hope of creating psychic space for others to experience this too. When it comes to improv she holds sensation, observation and self-compassion dear, appreciative of the humour that often arises in their company.

Join her for an introduction to somatic laughter yoga and ‘moving to amuse ourselves’ as a strategy for creative self-care. You will be guided through a journey of practical explorations to discover how laughter can be brought into our lives, and improv practices, by choice. Together we will centre levity and playfulness, gently disarming the seriousness that can creep into (professional) dance. How laughter can be a joyful interruption of, and catalyst for, dancing and improvising?

No need to be ‘funny’, feel happy or have laughter yoga experience on arrival. This class can be done seated or standing.



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