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Monday Night Improv : Julia Pond

This improvisation class will explore radical inclusion and allowing-in through movement and perception. Tuning through the body, working with playful curiosity, we will cultivate ‘noticing’, welcome an unruly variety of movement styles, and open up to unexpected and surprising connections within and between bodies. We will welcome both our most virtuosic, and our most ridiculous, movement, and allow ourselves to be touched, and moved by, sound and music.

We will approach these investigations individually and in encounters with each other, welcoming in new perceptions, meetings, and surprises as we go; experimenting through the body as a way to feel more at home in ourselves and with each other.

This class will use a variety of tasks drawn from Julia Pond’s own improvisation and facilitation practice, which in turn has been influenced by somatic movement, interdisciplinary performance, contemplative practice, politics, and early 20th century dance. The inspiration for the class springs from a partnership with Draper Together, a charity which organises art and community events at Draper Estate (a neighbour of Independent Dance) and where Julia’s installation BRED will be presented in June 2022. Some spaces in this class will be reserved for members of that community.

This class was previously going to be led by Flora Wellesley Wesley who is unfortunately no longer able to teach.