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Monday Night Improv : Jenny Hill

Two white people are lying down on a grey floor and the image is taken from above. The woman is positioned vertically in the image and her arms are spread apart. The man is lying horizontally so that his head and right arm cross over her lower legs. They are both wearing navy tops and dark trousers.
Jenny Hill, Between (in) Us, a solo and duet project exploring movement, words and text

The warm-up will be based on Feldenkrais Method; a practice supporting and deepening mind/body intelligence. By slowing down, finding ease, listening to degrees of effort, quality of weight distribution and tuning into layers of sensation, the nervous system creates new neural patterns.

This allows for a fresh state of readiness where movement choices can widen with minimal effort. A state of inner ease and simplicity also facilities the possibility of a wider sense of (inter)connectedness with self, the environment and others, as well as the room for truer spontaneity, and play. Jenny’s class will involve working solo, with partners and in groups.


Cancellations & refunds
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