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Monday Night Improv : Jessica Lerner

In the woods, on the banks of a flowing river, 4 people dance, faces obscured.
Jenny Alterton, Jonathan Pugh and Judy Boroughs. Photo, Jessica Lerner.

Through the simultaneous mapping of our interior landscapes in connection with the exterior space, Jessica Lerner invites you to conjure up emotive scenarios and play out surreal connections. Responding to what is present in the moment, we can draw out imaginative landscapes which are grounded in the details of the body.

Focusing on exploring what is present in your body, with a caring, self-supporting and inquisitive stance, we will explore ideas around allowing the dancing to come effortlessly through trusting your bodies’ imagination. We will find intrinsic musicality coming from dream-like states or alternative layering of being with our mind/body, working sometimes without external music.

The class has an experimental approach and hopes go deep as well as be playful.


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