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Monday Night Improv : Jessica Lerner

Jessica Lerner, photo Johan Butenschøn Skre

Responding to what is present in the moment, we can draw out imaginative landscapes which are grounded in the details of the body. Through the simultaneous mapping of our interior landscapes in connection with the exterior space, Jessica Lerner invites you to conjure up emotive scenarios and play out surreal connections. We will explore seamlessly shifting between everyday and stylised movement, exploring our sense of weight – its actual and metaphorical presence in the body – in terms of sensations of substance, as well as an awareness of the layers we accumulate and carry through time.

This class would interest those with some confidence in working with their imagination who are from a variety of creative or therapeutic disciplines and a broad range of physical abilities. Those who are interested in the crossover between dance and visual art would identify with my language and those who work with authentic movement.

For safety, we would like to encourage everyone to take a Covid-19 lateral flow test before attending. The studio will also be well-ventilated even in colder weather – please bring extra layers for warmth. Siobhan Davies Studios current risk assessment and policy is available to read here.