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Monday Night Improv : Julia Pond

Julia Pond

This class will engage with how we, as moving bodies, relate to music. “Musicality” is a notion that is often associated with classical and 20th century modern dance choreographic and performance practices – describing the way a dancer responds to and interprets the music; here, we will approach ‘musicality’ as a tool for improvisation, entering into dialogue with music.

Beginning with deep listening, we will work with music as a guide and point of reference for the body-mind, giving us material with which to develop movement qualities and expression, perhaps allowing us to move beyond habit and cultivate our own range. Working with musicality can help us find a sense of play in movement and access a sense of ‘kinaesthetic delight’. Melody, rhythm, polyphony, resonance – and silence – will all be explored as a varied breadth of tunes fill the room.

Live music will be provided by Mary Price O’Connor.