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Monday Night Improv : Kate Brown

Kate Brown performing in the Roof Space at Siobhan Davies Studios, Image : Xiaowen Tang

This outdoor class will investigate improvising as a way to expand and excite our dancing. We will begin working with information we receive from the external environment and circumstance and from our internal sensations, to prepare and warm up our senses and bodies.  The class will not prescribe a particular movement style or practice but draw from our imaginations and use sharing and copying as a creative tool.

We will use writing and speaking as further tools to comment, describe, imagine and see. We will then experiment with how improvisation can be used in performance, working with simple structures in time and space and allowing an opportunity to watch each other.

I am particularly excited to hold the class outdoors, allowing for different and extra variation and expansion of vision, sound, touch, smell and movement. A chance to enjoy dancing alone and with others – all welcome!

This class will be held outdoors in parks close to Siobhan Davies Studios. Please bring appropriate shoes and layers. We will meet at the studios before walking out together. The studio will be available to keep your belongings in, and will be used in case of wet weather.