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Monday Night Improv: Laura Lorenzi

Laura, a white woman is pictured dancing in a room with blue light. She is wearing white clothing and is standing on one leg while lifting the other foot in the air, she looks a little like a blue flamingo.
Laura Lorenzi. Photo, Henry Curtis.

In this class we will explore the meeting points between Contact Improvisation and Argentine tango. To some, these two practices might seem like worlds apart, yet they share some fundamental principles that beautifully complement one another.

We will be exploring movement patterns to connect to the possibility of spiralling through the body and softening into the floor and into our partner. Touch and some degree of sharing weight will be part of this journey.  We will also be looking at how we can develop and sustain clarity in our invitations towards our partner(s).

In order to work with another we need to switch off our own expectations and open our attention to the present moment. Throughout the sessions more open moments of dancing will allow us to connect to music and the joy of dancing together.

Cancellations and refunds
Prices for classes are kept very low and are subsidised by ID in order to support artists to attend. To keep admin manageable for our small team, we don’t offer refunds if you cancel or can’t attend a class, and we can’t transfer your booking to a different class/event. We hope this is understandable. If a class is cancelled or changed by ID however, we do offer refunds/transfers to everyone who has booked.