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Monday Night Improv : Rebecca Mackenzie

Rebecca MacKenzie, Antigone Avdi.

We start to improvise when we let go of knowing what’s going to happen next. In this somatic landscape, surprising images arise. We begin to shift boundaries within which we experience ourselves and the world. A gap is created for something new to emerge.

In this session we will create movement, sound and text in the moment, using simple improvisation exercises. We will begin by tuning into the sensory experience of the body, becoming more present, for the body is always now. Then, following the thread of our impulses, we will find different ways to encounter material. From the physical; shifting rhythm, dynamics and shape, the power of stillness. To the shifting tides of feeling that run through us. And the emergence of content; image, metaphor, story that surface in the body’s imagination.

This class was previously due to be taught by Rosalie Wahlfrid who is unfortunately no longer able to teach.