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Monday Night Improv: Sarah Dowling

A photograph of a group of people gathered on a dance studio floor. The image centres Sarah, who is speaking to the other members of the group, who are focussed on her.
Sarah Dowling. Photo, One Dance UK.

In this class Sarah is interested in harnessing the power of stillness and listening. We will move in response to a listening point of contact. We will work in dialogue with the space at first – the walls, the floor. Listen, gather information and then using a combination of simple movement tasks – such as push or slide in combination with an invitation to consider image and the seed of state or emotion inherent in your physical action. We will play together in this heightened listening state – moving into contact with other people as well as the space. Pausing, information gathering and then dancing and playing in dialogue with the space and each other.

Cancellations and refunds
Prices for classes are kept very low and are subsidised by ID in order to support artists to attend. To keep admin manageable for our small team, we don’t offer refunds if you cancel or can’t attend a class, and we can’t transfer your booking to a different class/event. We hope this is understandable. If a class is cancelled or changed by ID however, we do offer refunds/transfers to everyone who has booked.