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Monday Night Improv: Susan Kempster

Four dancers, one of which is Susan holding hands, intertwining and in a studio space.
Susan-Kempster. Photo, Elena Fortin

In this Monday night Improvisation session, we will work towards some group improvisations of instant composition. We will spend the first half of the session developing connection between everyone in the room, mainly through my signature way of working that I call threading. This is where dancers hold hands throughout, and weave in and out with each other, initially finding flow, and then later being able to negotiate other dynamics.

We will work on some of the technical aspects that facilitate how dancers listen and respond to the demands and situations at every instant, developing a profound sense of presence and connection, leading to moments of magic. There will be physical contact in the session and as this is a one-off, I would encourage anyone attending to embrace the contact element (not “contact improvisation” as such). The work is adaptable to different levels of skill. Key words: Human connection, listening, and skills building.

Cancellations and refunds
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