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Monday Night Improv : Yumino Seki

Yumino lays in a tree, face towards the camera.
Yumino Seki, photo James Roseveare

The class will make an inquiry into the transformative nature of the body exploring unique individual expression especially drawn from Butoh’s culturally diverse perspectives.

Butoh is a form of Japanese avant-garde dance which emerged from post war chaos in Japan in the late 50s. Influenced by German Expressionism, self-identity was radically explored through bodily expression. Butoh proposes culturally diverse ways of seeing, which are often fundamental to our lives, such as life & death, decay, the concept of time & space and dark human nature.

Shifting attention from ‘action’ to ‘active listening’ using imagery, experiential anatomy drawn from somatic practice we will explore the body’s complex visceral expression.  In groups, partners and as individuals the class will encourage us to be curious, attentive and playful, working both dynamically and quietly. We will aim to embody movement, image and sensation.

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