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Morning Class : Akeim Toussaint Buck

Akeim Toussaint Buck, The Foe R&D at Kalasangem with Isaac Ouro-Gnaoby. Photo Karol Wyszynski

“I will be guiding participants into my approach of voice and movement which I call Beatmotion. We will find an acute sense of listening as we catch the vocal improvisation train, bringing life and a depth of embodiment to our movement. The movement focus of my class will be drawing on my Earthflow practice that is inspired by Capoeira, Caribbean & Contemporary Dance, Animal Flow, Yoga and different elements of Hip Hop.

Expect the motive of getting our bodies ready for the day, with a very explorative and open direction. If you have experience of training in dance regularly this will be for you; I am open to people from different practices coming to the class as there is always something to learn.

Marrying the voice with our dance for me is about bringing light to a dimension of our movement, creating a thematic experience. Textures of moving come from sound and our breath, we will play with rhythm and punctuation, expressing vocally as well as physically. Using improvisational games and set exercises we will scribe our movement through sonic explorations, sharing practices to sharpen the voice and body connection as an imperative mode of expression.” Akeim Toussaint Buck