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Morning Class : Amarnah Amuludun

Amarnah Amuludun’s week of classes will be based on Flying Low / Passing Through Scores.

In Flying Low, we work on making our pathways from the ground to standing as effortless and smooth as possible. Always originating with the idea of spiral movements, macro and micro, we flow in and out of the earth, moving as one group together, using our eyes to connect to each other and the space equally.

We use the Passing Through Score to bring the group together through improvised pathways using the unlimited possibilities of the curve. We pass through each other, walking first, and slowly we build up speed, when everyone is ready.

Come if you want to engage your whole body in movement, come if you want to sweat, come if you want to move as one entity. Gathering and sending, into the earth and out of the earth, inhale and exhale, foot to foot, hands ready, eyes on the horizon, one body, unity, let’s goooo!