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Morning Class : Amy Voris

Amy Voris, photo Christian Kipp

Informed by experiential anatomy and the processual qualities of Authentic Movement, Amy Voris’ sessions will begin with open structures for improvising which gradually overlap with gentle prompts for generating movement material.  In the latter part of the session, we will explore the process of returning to (self-selected) movement material as an invitation to grow and deepen the relationship with it.

The intention is to cultivate sensitivity to the emergence and quality of movement alongside an imaginative pleasure in dancing.  Overall these sessions are designed to nurture a self-directed, capacious atmosphere and to support a holistic approach to solo dance-making.  Time for reflection is embedded within the sessions and individualised responses are welcome throughout.

Amy’s week of classes forms part of the MA/MFA Creative Practice programme, which means that only 11 public places are available each day.