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Morning Class : Andrea Buckley

Andrea Buckley. Image by Daniel Williams

What intrigues, fascinates, entertains, inspires, challenges, provokes and moves us?
How does the moving body communicate and what are the choices available to us?
What is available to us as we share the air space and time together?

Working with improvisation and contact work has opened an exploration in weight, volume and containment. I’d like these morning sessions to take a closer look into how we orient ourselves in gravity and to our relationship with people, objects and events that unfold within in the studio environment.

From different starting points we will begin each day with attention to spine, girdle, and limbs.  Respecting form and structure as material we will open an imaginary process in the body to find spontaneity, flow and presence.

Simple holding structures and invitations to support each other in self study, partner work and group activity, will be explored throughout the week as a way to cultivate a better understanding of our sensing, thinking, moving body.