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Morning Class : Carolyn Roy

A black and white image of Carolyn Roy standing in front of an outside door. She has a long straw wig on so her face is completely covered. Next to her there is a sign which reads “This is not a protest. This is a process.”
Carolyn Roy, Something will change, Dialogical Art. Photo Sarah Dobai

“Through living with unilateral hearing loss, I have become aware of how sensitive we are to resonance – the way that our bodies are touched and moved by resonance generated in shared space. In classes this week, I propose exploring being-with as dancers by attuning to resonance as we dance with others as part of a temporary community; sensing, moving and resting together even as we follow our own desires and curiosity; noticing relations that arise, establish and pass in proximity and distance; witnessing, and being witnessed; tapping into undercurrents that move us – the questions and conversations that we bring to dancing; sensing what matters today, or in this moment, as our visceral, sensitive, sensual, dreaming, thinking bodies move.

Explorations will be based on propositions – usually word-based scores for improvisation that also draw on somatic practices such as Skinner Releasing Technique, Body Weather, Experiential Anatomy and Authentic Movement. Participants are invited to bring their practice/interests into conversation with the proposals that I offer – there will be time for drawing, writing and reflection too. My intention is that this should be an inclusive space for dancers and non-dancers. Please check in with ID and with me at the beginning of class regarding any specific needs or adaptations.”



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