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Morning Class : Elina Akhmetova

A black and white image of a bashkir woman and a faroese man. The man is curled inside the woman's lap, both of her hands hold his back. He has short blonde hair and wears a light button down shirt; his right arm rests on the floor. Her dark hair covers part of her face, and she wears a dark sleeveless dress.
Elina Akhmetova, photo George Skeparnias

We’ll be sensing in: cultivating sensitivity, expansion and awareness in our bodies and imaginations. We will move with the shapes, waves, curves and spirals found in nature. We will explore anatomy, physiology, fractals, density, gravity, expansion and cohesion, resistance, sensation, sound, push and pull.

On some days, we’ll dance to heavy rock and metal music. We will move with our inner seasons and discuss cycle syncing on others. Engaging the emotional being with curiosity
In communion with ourselves and others,
Dancing and being with emotion.
Attending to our inner worlds
And the worlds outside us.

Tactility will be at the heart of it, as will play. We will play stabilisation, proprioception, mobilisation games; physical play in partners and as a group.

The aim is to get into a detailed and delicious connection with the body and the entire self. To touch the texture, depth, energy and emotion of the body. I believe that to be deeply present in this vibrant flesh is a radical act, and one of the biggest gifts we can give each other for collective and individual health. I also believe that as a human species, some of our best learning happens through play – so let’s play using our closest companions – our bodies!

Note: The class can be taken as a self-exploration for participants, as well as a coming together to work in partners, trios and the whole group. Over the years I have loved dancing with people of a variety of ages, backgrounds and walks of life. All welcome.


Cancellations & refunds
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