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Morning Class : Eve Stainton

Eve Stainton performing Slug Horizons by Eve Stainton and Florence Peake. Photo Dawid Laskowski

These sessions are a continuation of Eve Stainton’s interest in creating contexts for moving that are non-judgemental and are supportive of queer and marginalised communities. Eve will share some movement practices related to their current project Dykegeist, a choreographic work interested in the ‘predatory lesbian creature’, as well as offering ways into connecting with feelings and sensations, mainly rooted in somatic philosophies.

The sessions will be guided and may involve touch with; this can always be adapted. There will also be moments to reflect and feed back.

Please note Friday’s class will be led by SERAFINE1369.

This class offers simple invitations for movement of thought/voice/body, creating the conditions to invoke states of focus (singularity) and openness (multiplicity) akin to trance or meditation, inviting our bodies to become medium. The intention is to open up space listen to and observe our selves in chaos, in flux, in overwhelm, in stagnancy, as unfolding oracular text and without judgment. SERAFINE1369 sees this as somatic technology of dancing as an oracular device for unsettling and reading what surfaces as a way to self-regulate and ground.