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Morning Class : Gerrard Martin + Vanessa Abreu

The first week of our autumn classes will be led by choreographer, dancer, movement director and yoga teacher Gerrard Martin. As with all morning classes, these sessions are for experienced movers who want to dance in a relaxed, encouraging and inspiring environment.

Dancers will encounter a fusion of contemporary dance styles and will be guided by yogic principles of empowerment, openness, and connectedness. The use of imagery, in the class, will aid the forming of mental pictures, in order to stimulate memory, thereby creating strong connections to happen when sequencing phrase work.

Thursday’s class will be covered by Vanessa Abreu. The focus will be within; how does one or the movement feel, rather than an emphasis on shapes or how things look. The session with allow for a sense of arrival and check-in with one’s body/mind drawing from a somatic and yogic approach, and will then move into freer, more open and energetic explorations. Maps will be drawn with anchors points allowing space for improvisation.