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Morning Class : Jean Abreu / Rachel Lopez de la Nieta

Jean Abreu, photo Maya Yoncali

Jean Abreu’s classes focus on using the body as a tool to articulate human emotions, memories and experiences. Jean considers the body as the holder of the key to who we are and how we feel, offering us a channel and primal universal language which we can communicate with, opening up endless possibilities of translating our inner sensations, processing information and connecting with others. His classes as well as technique focus on the thinking and decision-making process that accompanies movement. His methodology encourages dance artists to search for movement impulses that are urgent and necessary, for a body that is present.

“I seek to inspire people to move freely and most of all, the ability to generate movement themselves based on an emotional response and framework. What fascinates me is the thinking processes, the trying, the concentration, the focus and the pursuit of solving a problem with the body, therefore the person behind the body.” Jean Abreu

Please note that due to illness, classes on Monday and Tuesday will now be led by Rachel Lopez de la Nieta.

‘From a baseline of tuning into sensation and accessing embodied awareness, we will explore perceptions of internal and external landscapes by investigating the shifting compositions of self and other. Through ritual play in formal constructions, drawn from variations of Authentic Movement/mover witness practices, we will experiment with ways of seeing and being, moving and sounding that allow us to read and be read by others within the field of phenomena. There will be opportunities to voice, mark make, and process emerging content.’ Rachel Lopez de la Nieta

For safety, we would like to encourage everyone to take a Covid-19 lateral flow test before attending. The studio will also be well-ventilated even in colder weather – please bring extra layers for warmth. Siobhan Davies Studios current risk assessment and policy is available to read here.