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Morning Class : Jia-Yu Corti

Jia-Yu Corti performing in Pan Daijing’s Dead Time Blue (2020), Berlin. Photo Eike Walkenhorst

Jia-Yu Corti’s class will begin with warm-up exercises based on breathing and motion, allowing the body to immerse in the here-and-now. Tuning into the sensorial and energetic fields through touch and guided visualisation, we will explore the nuanced exchanges between the cells within and outwith the body.

Following the body’s natural relationship with gravity, we experiment with our instinctual ways of moving, disrupting the habitual movement patterns and rhythmic tendencies. We embark, with courageous yielding and playful determination, on intimate and intuitive journeys to rediscover the body’s ability to encode, release and exchange perceptions, memories and ideas.

What are our desires? How do we arrive? Who do we meet? Our dancing interweaves moments of confusion, boredom, fluidity; it attends to the meandering mind, fragmented intentions and accidental insights. The aim is to joyously create through different modes of expression as solos, duets, and groups.