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Morning Class : Katye Coe

Katye Coe

Katye Coe guides time with dancers and movers through a series of dancing invitations. She usually does this with her voice/words and sometimes through physical demonstrations too. These invitations encourage a gathering and layering of attention(s) simultaneously, through both the physics of the human body in movement as well as more philosophical questions to consider while dancing.

Katye’s influences are many and include, among others, the underlying principles associated with; Skinner Releasing Technique, Contact Improvisation, experiential anatomy, relational attunement and Somatic Experiencing. Her work is available for many and is particularly useful for those who are practicing as performers or who have a keen interest in the relationship between movement as a transformative experience toward greater creative agency and co-regulation. The sessions will include solo dancing, work in touch with other people (adaptations always given) and time to compose dancing structures across space/ floor.



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