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Morning Class : Leah Marojević

Leah Marojević, photo Katja Illner

Leah Marojević’s classes facilitate a space where time is taken to softly distance oneself from one’s dancing body – a morning practice in becoming an observer, or an admiring audience of the self as it thinks, self-sustains, dreams and moves. Through deep listening, somatic, skinner release and improvisational practices, these classes make space for the body to become the teacher, the champion and the choreographer of one’s dance.

Most often starting in partners, a physical meditation and assisted release prepares and warms attention and sensitivity. This feeds into an extended improvisation that is experienced alongside Leah’s questions, confusions, imaginaries, and foolish statements that drive her own dance practices / life.

Can my dance be just in front of me, and my body just behind it?
If my mind can change my movement, can my movement change my mind?
If I said that this dance was seminal, would anything change?

Leah Marojević is part of ID’s class programme by invitation of our Communications Assistant, Jay Yule.

For safety, we would like to encourage everyone to take a Covid-19 lateral flow test before attending. The studio will also be well-ventilated even in colder weather – please bring extra layers for warmth. Siobhan Davies Studios current risk assessment and policy is available to read here.