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Morning Class : Lizzy Le Quesne

Lizzy Le Quesne’s classes are founded in Skinner Releasing Technique™ to support embodied freedoms, rest, ease, energy flow and spatiality, through freeform movement stimulated by touch, imagery, sound and breath. Skinner Releasing Technique supports the letting go of unconscious holding patterns in the body and mind and the releasing of new simplicity, expressiveness, power and playfulness through the physical self.

Exploring the poetic within the felt, the classes foreground and develop kinaesthetic experience to open new and expanded personal and sensory dimensions of the self and our presence in the world. Classes combine Lizzy’s recent published research into resourcing and supporting the autonomic nervous system through SRT and somatic dance with current research and explorations of personal and relational freedoms in shared space. In these classes, SRT practices enable transformational process and form the basis for dances of self and space, past and present.