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Morning Class : Lucia Walker

Lucia sits on the floor, one leg extended, one arm resting on her knee. The image is in black and white.
Lucia Walker, photo by Simon Alleyne

In these classes we aim to invite ease and energy into our dancing. We will practise directing attention, choosing tone and quality and appreciating our experience. The sessions will be suitable for those with experience of any kind of movement or presence practice. Dancers, musicians, actors, artists and those who wish to enjoy their own movement more fully.

I will be drawing from my experience in practicing and teaching Alexander work, instant composition and Contact improvisation. I am interested in how we can influence our movement and state by how and what we give attention to.  Becoming more aware of what arises in our sensory experience we will practice ‘not doing’ some of what arises automatically in order to access more possibility in both our choices and the creative co-incidences that arise in a group. These classes will include quiet and subtle work as well as energetic and playful movement.


Cancellations & refunds
Prices for classes are kept very low and are subsidized by ID in order to support artists to attend. To keep admin manageable for our small team, we don’t offer refunds if you cancel or can’t attend a class, and we can’t transfer your booking to a different class/event. We hope this is understandable. If a class is cancelled or changed by ID however, we offer full refunds/transfers to everyone who has booked.