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Morning Class: Matthias Sperling

A photograph of Matthias on stage in front of a black background, surrounded by warm toned light. He kneels on one knee, with the other leg slightly extended, knee bent. His torso is at an angle, he leans on one arm, and the other is curved overhead.
Matthias Sperling, No-How Generator 2019. Photo, Camilla Greenwell.

“Something I’ve been really interested in and want to share in this week is working with momentum and perception at the same time in dance practice: inviting a setting in motion of not only our mass but also our ways of knowing, sensing and relating. We’ll work with score-based materials that activate taking a reading of our experience while/as dancing, drawing on influences including Deborah Hay’s orientation toward ‘learning without thinking’ from ‘my whole body as my teacher’.

Some of the materials take pleasure in working with loosely repeating or rhythmic motion as a generative form, some also include potentials for working in contact with others. The materials offer specific and multi-layered parameters, and the invitation is for you to unfurl your own curiosities and appetites through them. I’m interested in a space where our different and always-evolving personal practices are nourished by dancing in each other’s company, each taking and giving space for getting what we might need that day.”

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