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Morning Class: Nathaniel Parchment

Nathaniel dances in a studio space. He wears white clothing. His arms are lifted, one leg is extended.
Nathaniel Parchment performing at Fest en Fest Alumni Platform, photo Henri T

Informed by Afro-Caribbean heritage and queer identity, Nathaniel’s current practice enquires into electronic dance music cultures as mechanisms for ‘being with’ oneself, others, the world and ancestry.

The sessions will incorporate western somatic body-mind practices and infant developmental patterns of movement, and will explore ways of attending to ‘rhythms of relating’ coming from social dance forms of music and improvisation.

Cancellations and refunds
Prices for classes are kept very low and are subsidised by ID in order to support artists to attend. To keep admin manageable for our small team, we don’t offer refunds if you cancel or can’t attend a class, and we can’t transfer your booking to a different class/event. We hope this is understandable. If a class is cancelled or changed by ID however, we do offer refunds/transfers to everyone who has booked.