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Morning Class : Reece Calver

Reece Calver, still from 566. Filmmaker : Dominic Compton

This class will host a practice focussed on actively considering our own access requirements and needs, regardless of (dis)ability, and honouring those in a morning class setting. We will begin with an invitation to arrive in the room and take stock, encouraging everyone to consider how they’re arriving today, and what they might need in this time.

Class will gradually build into guided improvisation movement scores. I will offer and suggest movement ideas using imagery, questions and ideas, as well as reflections from my own experience, steadily adding layers of information. Participants are invited to respond to the invitations individually, using the offers as a structure to lean into or ignore, taking what they want, with options to build or decrease. There will be no physical expectations or set movements and complete permission to do whatever is right for you.

This class will provide a space for people to practice considering themselves and their bodies, and challenges assumptions of the morning class trope. Participants will be invited to take ownership for themselves in the class, asking what they need, adapting and responding to prompts to engage in a personally curated practice. This might change day to day, and we invite that openly. As someone with long-covid, my energy levels frequently shift and I’m learning how to manage the uncertainty of that. I will show up to class allowing and honouring my state that day, rather than ignoring it or pushing through, and I invite you to do the same.

Class may also involve open conversations and reflections and is open to disabled and non-disabled participants alike. Reece is teaching at ID for the first time by invitation of our Programme Coordinator, Alison Thomas.

There are 8 free places for Monday and Wednesday’s classes for artists who graduated from a BA between 2020-2022. These have been offered on a first come first served basis and are now allocated.

Join us for a coffee after class (open to all) so we can meet and learn about your practice and let you know more about Independent Dance and the work we do.